Changes to OverDrive Holds Manager

OverDrive has announced the first phase of changes to its Holds Manager plan to help your library better allocate budget and meet patron demand.

New features include:

  • Setting up a Holds Manager plan by format (eBook, audiobook, music, video); allowing a different holds   ratio, frequency and budget for each.
  • In addition to Holds Manager purchases, you have the option to create a list in your work queue of high demand titles by format.  This list will be saved in your work queue with the option for review and edits before you submit for purchase.
  • Holds Manager support for HarperCollins eBook licensed content.  If you have opted to include the licensed eBook content in your Holds Manager purchases, these will be calculated into the Holds Manager eBook plan budget but will generate a separate PO email.  Check your ‘Profile’ tab to manage the Holds Manager preferences for HarperCollins licensed eBook content.
  • Additional new options include adding new plans, editing and deleting plans at any time.

If you currently have a Holds Manager plan in place, login to Content Reserve, click on the Collection tab > Holds Manager to update your plan.
Please contact Sara Gold at with any questions.