OverDrive Recommend to Library

The OverDrive feature of Recommend to Library (RTL) is live on our Digital Library site, and patrons are finding it, and using it! There have been 47 recommendations already this week. RTL is a much more efficient way to manage requests than having to do it manually, so please promote when you can.

We currently have the system set up to automatically add patron requests to a list titled ‘RTL’ twice a month. The lists will be reviewed, merged and ordered every month when our regular order is placed. Typically the last week of the month.  Currently, someone from the Selection Committee contacts each patron who submits a request whether we acquire the title or not. With the new system, we are not given the patron’s information, only the library system so contacting each patron will no longer be possible. Patrons can recommend up to 3 titles per month.

See instructions below: many thanks to Steve Heser (MCFLS) for sharing them.

“Recommend to Library” feature
You can now recommend titles to the library using a “Recommend to Library” feature. To use this feature, first login to your account and perform a search for your title in the Wisconsin Digital Library. If your title is not listed in the Library Collection, click the Additional Titles button at the top of the list. You can then see all available titles in the OverDrive collection, including those that the library has not yet purchased. These titles will be indicated with a “Recommend” button as shown here:

Recommend to Library

Please note that the library can only purchase materials on this list of additional titles. Titles not on this list are most likely absent because of publisher restrictions. After clicking the “Recommend” button, you will see a popup window that looks like this:

You can chose to be notified by email if the library decides to purchase your title and also be placed on the waitlist when the title is purchased. Click “Recommend this Title” to finish the process. Please keep in mind that recommendations are not a guarantee that the library will purchase the title and are subject to factors such as available funds.