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OverDrive Summer Read Returns in 2018!

April 24, 2018 - 10:10am

By: Christina Samek, Outreach Specialist.

We are excited to announce the return of the annual OverDrive Summer Read program, designed to encourage your students to keep reading all year long. This year’s program will run June 6th-July 18thand will feature 4 Juvenile and 4 Young Adult titles that will be showcased at your OverDrive website for simultaneous, always available access. Boredom is not an option this summer!

This year’s title selection will appeal to all kinds of readers, boys and girls alike. The Juvenile set, intended for your youngest readers, features everyone’s favorite sponge that lives in pineapple under the sea, a young Airbender named Aang, a quirky 11- year-old battling internal demons on a quest to cure himself and bring his family back together, and a comic book hero and world class spy on a mission to collect a deadly weapon and save a city. The Young Adult set, perfect for middle and high school students, includes a mysterious girl who finds a tree that bears fruit born of whispered lies but when eaten reveals a hidden truth, a 16-year-old trying to get into college while simultaneously battling hell spawn that have descended on her sleepy town, a mysterious camp hidden deep in the mountains that may or may not actually exist, and a mother who vanished from the face of the earth. We can’t wait for you to dive into their stories!

To learn more about the program and to find marketing materials to support OverDrive Summer Read promotion (including activity guides, print pieces, communication templates, digital graphics and a special edition podcast from THE Professional Book Nerds), visit: https://resources.overdrive.com/summer-read/.

Questions? Reach out to your OverDrive Team.

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Win free Shakira Tickets from OverDrive

April 23, 2018 - 8:52am

In celebration of our corporate parent Rakuten sponsoring Shakira’s El Dorado World Tour, we’re excited to announce that OverDrive is giving away 56 pairs of tickets to several concerts throughout the United States leg of her tour. These tickets are for shows in the following cities:

Chicago, Illinois

New York, New York

Washington D.C.

Orlando, Florida

Sunshine, Florida

Miami Florida

Houston, Texas

San Antonio, Texas

Phoenix, Arizona

Las Angeles, California

Anaheim, California

Las Vegas, Nevada

San Jose, California

If your library or school is interested in winning one or more pairs of the tickets, it’s easy. All you have to do is show us how you’re promoting OverDrive in your community! Simply email a description or picture of how you’re promoting OverDrive to shakiratickets@overdrive.com and you’ll be entered to win.

All entries must be received by May 15th and winners will be notified in early June. Winners are welcome to use the tickets however they wish. Ideas include raffling them off to one of your digital library users, creating a staff incentive for one of your employees, doing a silent auction to raise money for your collection development budget, or using them as a prize for your summer reading programs.

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No hassle event planning at the Resource Center

April 22, 2018 - 7:50pm

By: Abbie Frank, Outreach Specialist.

We know that planning an event can be stressful and you have A LOT of details to think through, but don’t fret. OverDrive has fun, event templates in the Resource Center to grab the attention of your readers.

Let’s take a look…







eBook Story Time
We know your main priority at school is to educate our amazing young minds and we love that! How about another simple way to do so? An eBook story time can help you connect with the students while also showing them all of the great materials you have in your digital collection. Don’t forget to check out OverDrive’s recommended titles section to make sure you are in-tune with the interest of your young readers.

Device Giveaway
Kids love to win prizes! Why not make it a win-win situation? Having a device giveaway at your school will not only motivate your students to win an awesome device but it will get them excited about what your school’s digital library has to offer! OverDrive has created a few templates for how to arrange and promote this type of offer in your school and make it a success. Follow these few simple steps and OverDrive can almost guarantee your school library will be on it’s way to even more reading excellence!

Let’s Do it!
OverDrive would love for you to take full advantage of all the exciting new ways to promote to your readers. OverDrive knows your collection is fantastic and is extremely excited to see you take the next step in connecting with your readers. Now go show them what you got and as always, visit the Resource Center if you need any additional support with your promoting.

Happy Reading!

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12 YA Characters sure to bring any reluctant reader back to the books

April 19, 2018 - 2:59pm

Here at OverDrive, we pride ourselves on our book nerdery and borderline obsessive integration of literature in our daily lives. Honestly, it’s pretty rare to walk by a group of coworkers in the office and hear them chatting about anything other than books. We work with public and school librarians constantly and while we all speak the same bookish language, we understand and appreciate that there are members of your community who need to be swayed into falling in love with books.


These reluctant readers need some coaxing and the young adult genre is a perfect gateway to the rest of the literary world. YA characters tend to be relatable while also being admirable at the same time.. Most reluctant readers are teenagers so they can connect with YA characters who are the same age as them and are experiencing some of the same emotions while also being inspired by how they overcome impossible odds.


The ever present question, however, is what YA characters and books should you recommend to hook reluctant readers (beyond Harry Potter of course). Here are 12 characters for all those hard to please readers in your community. There’s something here for everyone, we promise.


Zélie from Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi – Zélie represents what many teenagers feel. She yearns for more than her initial station in life and wants to rebel against the adults who have changed her world. Children of Blood and Bone has spent its first few weeks of publication atop the New York Times bestseller list so it’s likely you’ve heard of it. The strong, West-African inspired female lead is a great way to provide representation to the books you’re suggesting to young readers. Author Tomi Adeyemi recently joined our Professional Book Nerds podcast and stated that she wrote this book so young girls who look like her will be able to see themselves as the lead in books, something she didn’t see as a child.


ALL the sisters from Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida CórdovaLabyrinth Lost is the first story in a series that Zoraida is writing about the sisters of the Mortiz family. They are a Latina family of brujas, powerful witches with the ability to manipulate the elements, heal and so much more. Labyrinth Lost mainly focuses on Alex, who overcomes countless obstacles of Los Lagos, a dark Wonderland of an underworld, to rescue her family. This book sets the stage for what’s to come and shows the strength of the bond only siblings can truly understand.


Alosa from Daughter of The Pirate King Series by Tricia Levenseller – Think, “Teenage lady Jack Sparrow but without the rum…” Alosa is the daughter of the Pirate King and a captain of her own ship with a crew of incredible women. She also happens to have some magic flowing through her blood. This series will have you hooked from page one (pun intended) and will leave readers longing for a trip on the open sea.


Emika Chen from Warcross by Marie LuThere is an annoying trope that only young males play video games. Emika Chen bucks this trend in a book that is equal parts Ready Player One, The Matrix, and The Hunger Games. Emika is a gamer, a bounty hunter, a hacker and so much more. She’s the perfect depiction of a young woman breaking through stereotypes and this book is one of the most addicting books you’ll come across.


Taj from Beasts Made of Night by Tochi Onyebuchi – This Nigerian-influenced fantasy explores justice and the struggle between classes that, unfortunately, still exists today. Taj, the main character, is a mix of all the emotions teenagers deal with daily. At times, he feels desperate and lost while other times he is overly confident of his abilities. He tries to come to grips with falling in love while dealing with the guilt of those he could not save at the same time. He’s a well-rounded, realistic character set in a world of dark magic.


Samantha Mather from How to Hang a Witch by Adriana Mather – Moving to a new town as a teenager can be difficult…moving to Salem when your family is intricately woven into the town’s infamous history for reasons everyone but you knows can be nigh impossible. That is the life of Samantha Mather. Soon after moving to Salem her entire world becomes witches, ghosts and coming to grips with the fact that she’s a descendant of someone responsible for the Salem Witch Trials. Also, the author name up there isn’t a typo. Adriana Mather really is a descendant of a prominent figure in the trials and aspects of this story that are actually true will blow your mind.


Genie Lo from The Epic Crush of Genie Lo by F. C. Yee – Whenever you’re reading a YA fantasy novel, you can sometimes be left wondering about the real-life implications of the actions of our hero. Genie Lo is here to show readers that just because she may be helping save the world, those college prep exams aren’t going to take themselves. It’s refreshing to read a book that combines magical elements with the grounded, stressful reality of a high school student. Its basis comes from Chinese mythological stories which makes this a unique tale many readers will not be familiar with.


Sorina from Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody – Sorina has spent her life in a mysterious, massive traveling carnival. She is an illusion-worker who uses the characters she creates as the cast of the carnival freak show. The book unfolds into a murder mystery with an original set of characters, each of which shows the reader that what makes us different can also make us special. Amanda Foody has built a world you’ll want to spend countless days in.


Fletcher from The Summoner Series by Taran Matharu – Often times, getting a reluctant reader interested in a new book can be solved by relating that book to things they already know and love. This makes Taran Matharu’s Summoner series a perfect choice. It’s equal parts Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Pokémon. The main character, Fletcher, is relatable as he struggles to rise from poverty to becoming a Battlemage in a fight against Orcs. It’s like if Harry had to throw the ring into Mount Doom but instead of Hedwig he had an adorable demon salamander. Trust me, that all will make sense.


Kaz from The Six of Crows Duology by Leigh Bardugo – Leigh Bardugo is a master of both character and world building and Kaz is no different. He leads a group of six dangerous outcasts on an impossible heist reminiscent of Ocean’s 11, if Ocean’s 11 was in a mythical world that was crackled with magic.


Charlotte Holmes from A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro – In a world where the stories of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson actually happened, we meet their teenage descendants, Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson. They are awkward at times, struggling with their emotions and the balance of being friends of the opposite sex who may or may not be attracted to each other. Charlotte is a genius who is likely to be at home solving crimes rather than interacting with other humans. This makes her and Jamie’s dynamic connection something that most teenagers can relate to. Readers will thoroughly enjoy Charlotte’s “magic trick” each time she uncovers facts about an event simply through her power of observation.


Mikey from The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness – There are so many books about superheroes and their adventures. But what about the rest of the people in the world? Those people are who The Rest of Us Just Live Here is all about. Life doesn’t stop because of a mysterious apocalypse and the teen heroes trying to stop it. Mikey and his friends are just trying to survive senior year. On top of being realistic depictions of friendships and relationships, the novel tackles very real issues that teens deal with every day. Mikey has OCD and it’s getting worse, his sister is recovering from an eating disorder, and their parents are so dysfunctional that they might as well not be around. Monsters may be real but at the end of the day, we’re all facing our own demons too. Mikey feels like he could be your best friend at school and you root for him throughout the entire novel.

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OverDrive’s Instant Digital Card service is now integrated with SirsiDynix

April 18, 2018 - 8:38am

For the last few months, we’ve been sharing success stories about how libraries are adding thousands of new OverDrive users through our Instant Digital Card (IDC) service. IDC creates a digital card in under 30 seconds, providing instant access to eBooks and audiobooks for new readers through Libby and your OverDrive websites. It’s the perfect way to create new library patrons from people who discover Libby at a time when they can’t get to a library right away to sign up for a card.

Now, IDC is integrating with SirsiDynix to enable libraries who sign up for the service to provide new users with a full-access library card. This grants access not just to your OverDrive digital library, but to every service you offer straight away. This integration creates a patron record for users who are successfully registered with IDC. Users are pre-qualified before being added to the ILS, as the service confirms their address and ensures it maps to your service area. Additionally, libraries choose what other information is kept in the patron record, such as user type, branch information, or user category.

This week at the SirsiDynix 2018 Annual User Conference, we announced that Rochester Public Libraryin Minnesota is the first library to go live with this integration. If your library is interested in piloting this service in your area, contact your OverDrive Account Manager. We’ll be launching additional libraries in the coming weeks.

About OverDrive’s Instant Digital Card service
As libraries like yours transform to better serve their communities, half the nation has yet to discover and benefit from their valuable programs and online services available for free, anytime and anywhere. That’s why we developed the Instant Digital Card (IDC) feature: To connect readers with your digital collection in just 30 seconds. It’s another way OverDrive is helping libraries reach and engage more of their communities. When your library enables IDC, users are presented with the option to get access to your digital collection using their mobile phone number. Users see a prompt on the log-in screen of your library’s OverDrive-powered website and in the OverDrive and Libby apps. Your library just needs to provide us with a list of zip codes to define your service area. We’ll do the rest.

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From home ec to votech: the hands-on skills we miss

April 17, 2018 - 8:22am

To Home Ec pioneers, the topic was considered a science, and far more respectable than the eye-roll it gets in the tech age. And yet, we head scratch at college students’ inability to do laundry, young graduates unable to cook for themselves and that nearly no young adults grasp the concept of budget or credit card interest rates.

Home Ec’s demise leaves a gap in common sense skills

Home ec used to get young people ready for the “real world” and a home they might one day own an run. Typically an all-girls class, students learned cooking basics, budgeting, and more essential skills of homemaking. But it’s history is much more progressive than that. The creation of home ec is often attributed to Ellen Swallow Richards, a chemist and instructor at MIT, who paved the way for MIT’s Women’s Laboratory, which existed from 1876 to 1883 with a goal of advancing the scientific education of women at the Institution. In a time when educating women in traditional science classes was taboo, molecular gastronomy of food prep and the chemistry of stain removal seems a brilliant hack for early girls STEM education. Many young women went on not to tend to children and dinner, but to their own careers inspired by what they learned in home ec classes.


Home Ec in the tech age

Today, while home economics courses occasionally pop up in high schools, the language has changed. Instead of home ec, it’s usually called something like “Family And Consumer Sciences.” Even Richards’ American Home Economics Association has been renamed the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences. While home ec’s founders would love the “science” part of that title, they might wonder where the “home” went.

So what now?

Language matters

“Consumer Science” on its own has broader appeal than throwing “Family” into the mix. “Family” sounds like we’re back in the “practice baby” days.

Timing matters, too.

A high school kid can handle learning how to make grilled cheese. But the student likely won’t remember the in-depth lecture about interest rates, mainly because that’s probably not part of his or her world yet. But in college, with student loan debts averaging in the high $20,000s, it’s a great time to learn things like budgeting and basic business etiquette. Work in the “core” home ec classes from there: Managing laundry, meal planning and cooking.

Don’t make it part of the formal curriculum.

Instead, treat it as informally as freshmen orientation.

Change your attitude.

The sooner we can accept that Home Ec isn’t just for women, the sooner we can have students who have to attain stronger life skills.

Vo-Tech’s evolution: Career and Technical Education

Another oft-maligned program is seeing a resurgence in American high schools. Career and Technical Education offers training that is both in high demand and incredibly versatile. Many programs offer an early college credit option, similar to AP classes, but more hands on. Still, not every student will want to pursue college, and solid CTE training regularly sees students in well-paying jobs or apprenticeships right after graduation. One of the strongest programs in Northeast Ohio is at Cleveland Heights-University Heights. Maximizing the sharing economy popular in education, Heights is the CTE consortium hub for 5 districts offering traditional tech training as well as college credit, from biotech to finance.

Given the accelerated goals of both AP and CTE classes, it was just a matter of a time before the two were combined into a completely new, and uniquely effective program. CTE still faces some bias from both parents and schools, so it’s indicative of the strength of CTE skills that a wealthy district with a 90% college attendance rate is integrating CTE modalities into their AP classes.

When AP meets CTE

“AP classes are usually reading a textbook and memorizing a lot of things,” said Christine Lee, a 17-year-old junior. “With forensics, we get to do a lot of lab work, gaining experience and skills that prepare us more for future careers.”

Classmate Sarah Asad agrees. “A lot of stuff we study about behavioral sciences applies to forensics,” said the 16-year-old. “In psychology, we learned about pathways to the reward system in the brain which relates to the effects of drug and alcohol abuse we observe in forensics. The lab work really puts things in perspective and makes them easier to understand when we take tests.”

“When these kids go off to college there have been lots of studies that say they’re not prepared with the communication, critical thinking and collaboration skills they need,” said Denise Pope, a senior lecturer at Stanford’s Graduate School of Education and a co-founder of Challenge Success, a nonprofit education advocacy group. “Learning by doing is more effective in the long term to produce mastery, but that’s not what happens in a traditional AP class.”

“If you really want to … be an attractive employee you need a mix of book learning and real-world experience,” said Russell T. Warne, an associate psychology professor at U

tah Valley University who has studied the impact of AP courses on academic achievement. “Kids who want a technical education can benefit from AP and the college-bound kids who already have five AP classes can benefit from the career education. They are not mutually exclusive.”

Check out this resource on which vocational degrees pay off (below). Spoiler: healthcare leads the pack.

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And the School Stars are…

April 16, 2018 - 2:21pm

By: Christina Samek, Outreach Specialist

Admittedly, we think every school who uses OverDrive to introduce and share a love of digital reading is a star. But, there are some who deserve a little recognition for all of their hard work and promotional efforts during 2018’s School Stars campaign.

Afton Central School

Congratulations to grand prize winner Afton Central School! Librarian Dan DeVona created a 30-second parody video. Devona notes “My hope is that it appears fun, creative, cool, and contemporary; just like the use of the OverDrive app that I am pitching!” We’d say you nailed it, Dan!

Honorable mentions and additional winners include:

North Royalton City Schools

Laura Whitehead and her team went “old school” and covered old VHS tapes, below, with book cover images, QR codes, book descriptions, and username/password information to ensure discoverability! Rad!

Berry Middle School

Ginger Hewitt, Berry Middle School librarian, part of Hoover City Schools, shows off her tech side with commercials she builds in-house for eBook publicity. The catchy, jazzy spots are featured on their in-house announcement system produced for, and by, students!

Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin High School

Karyn Silverman and her school’s “Read, Write, Recommend” project moved us! The year-long reading project has students read a book of their own choosing, included in this is an activity based on the idea of ‘reading as a social experiment.’ Students wrote personal ads for books and wrapped the books or book-shaped objects with OverDrive instructions. “Using student-to-student recommendations was the best advertising available,” noted Silverman.

Austin Road Middle School

Magaret Williams, or should we say Alex Trebek, really challenges her staff and students at Austin Road Middle School, part of Henry County. She randomly selects students and teachers who have checked out titles from their OverDrive website and quizzes them on the title. She borrows a sample and determines 3 tricky questions. They must answer all 3 to win a small prize! Genius, easy promotion right on the spot!

Spring Creek Middle School

Jan Jenson at Spring Creek, part of Cache County School District, gave us 10 reasons why they should be considered a star! Between the super creative and eye-catching bulletin boards to spot-on Instagram posts, just to name a view, they’ve definitely earned their star status.

Morton High School

Kelly Hladek at Morton High, part of School City of Hammond, captures student interest with a floor-to-ceiling bulletin board right outside their Library Media Center.

Central Utah Educational Services

Patsy Nielson knows the way to her students’ hearts: donuts! Schools districts part of CUES are assigned specific months and if they can get as many OverDrive checkouts as there are students enrolled, at the end of that month, the entire school gets donuts! Yum!

Lemon Bay High School

Jennifer Sloan’s interactive bulletin board is proof bulletin boards really do go a long way in promotion. Each jacket cover featured contains a QR code that points directly to titles in Lemon Bay’s OverDrive collection.

Ruyton Girls’ School

Julie Purcell uses her OverDrive collection to promote on-going themes that relate to her school’s strategic plan and curriculum priorities. Currently, Purcell uses their OverDrive collection to promote and encourage students to engage with texts containing strong female characters as part of their ‘Strong Girls Read’ campaign. They promote on their Instagram feed, library website, Lit Club blog, and through signage.

We can’t wait for 2019 and another round of entries! If you have any fun, engaging, promotional ideas you would like to share before then, please do! Contact you OverDrive team. We are always looking for promotional ideas to share on the blog!

When it comes to OverDrive and promotion, the stars are the limit!

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Time to Celebrate National Bookmobile Day 2018

April 11, 2018 - 8:24am

Ed. Note: This post was first shared at https://digitalbookmobile.com. Be sure to check there frequently to see where our Digital Bookmobile will be headed next.

By: Lauren Bajda, OverDrive Digital Media Events Specialist

Happy National Bookmobile Day from the staff at OverDrive! National Bookmobile Day was started in 2010 and is sponsored by the American Library Association, the Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services, and the Association for Rural & Small Libraries to honor mobile delivery outreach as a vital part of library service in the United States. This year, National Bookmobile Day is celebrated during the 60th anniversary of National Library Week.

The Digital Bookmobile, powered by OverDrive, tours across North America to promote the digital collection of our school and library partners. We are on our 10th tour across North America and going strong!

The Digital Bookmobile is excited to celebrate this year’s National Bookmobile Day in Weatherford, OK. We will be hosting our event at Western Plains Library System, Weatherford Branch on April 11, 2018! For more information, please visit our website.

Thank you to all the library and school staff who have supported our Digital Bookmobile events this year. It has been a joy welcoming users of all ages onto the Digital Bookmobile and educating them about their school or library’s digital collection of eBooks and more. We couldn’t do it without you.

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We’re launching a magazine and we’re now accepting submissions on what you want to read about

April 11, 2018 - 6:43am

We’re excited to announce that OverDrive is launching a quarterly online magazine and we want your input. Titled Perspectives on Reading, this publication will provide unique insight into the world of reading and its impact on our communities. It’s designed to serve our valued library, school and publishing partners, and the first edition is scheduled for release in June.

Perspectives on Reading will include articles suggested by – and written by – librarians, educators, publishers and other experts. We’re now accepting story ideas.

  • Perspectives on Reading will reach a worldwide audience of your peers and represents an excellent opportunity for you and your organization to demonstrate thought leadership around reading.
  • Story ideas do not have to be OverDrive-centric, or even about digital content; our goal is to simply present the best in thought leadership around reading and literacy.
  • Example topics include:
    • Reading’s impact on families
    • How K-12 schools are evolving their approach to reading
    • How telecommuting has affected the way college and corporate libraries serve readers

If you have questions about a potential story or would like more information on the submission process, feel free to contact our editor at any time.

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3 Easy Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month at Your Library

April 10, 2018 - 9:29am

By: Rickie Mascia & Jill Grunenwald, Marketing & Communications Specialists 

April is National Poetry Month, a literary celebration of a genre that supports expression, encourages feelings, and challenges readers to think beyond the words on a page. Inaugurated in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets, National Poetry Month is observed by thousands of libraries, schools, and publishers around the world. Readers near and far are invited by their communities to celebrate with poetry readings, festivals, writing workshops, and so much more. Below are a few simple tips on how you can help your readers discover the beauty and wonder of poetry through your digital collection.

1. Curate A Poetry Featured List

Remembering the first poem you ever read may be difficult (CC: Mother Goose), but a reader always remembers the first poem that made them think a little differently. Bring poetry to the forefront of your digital collection by featuring some of your staff’s favorite poetry ebooks and audiobooks.. Poetry is a genre that can be intimidating to some readers, curating a list with the classics or modern poetry recommendations is a great way to introduce readers to new content and help them open their mind to new concepts, cultures and understandings. (Ex: OverDrive librarians curated a list to help introduce young adult readers to the genre featuring “Our Favorite J/YA poetry”.)

2. Celebrate Poem in Your Poet Day

Poem in Your Pocket Day 2018 is on April 26 and is part of National Poetry Month. On this day, select a poem, carry it with you, and share it with others at schools, bookstores, libraries, parks, workplaces, street corners, and on social media using the hashtag #pocketpoem.

3. Get Social With Poem Excerpts:

Use your social media profiles to celebrate with your followers! Grab readers attention with excerpts from your staff’s favorite poems. This is a great way to use your expertise and personal recommendation to help direct readers to a title they may not have searched for, all while raising awareness of poetry. Additionally, this creates an interactive space for readers to connect with your staff outside of the library walls. For example (feel free to use):

yesterday i was the moon: The Waste Land: Electric Arches: When I Grow Up I Want to Be a List of Further Possibilities The Sun and Her Flowers: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings:

For more inspiration, check out the 30 ways to celebrate national poetry month list created by The Academy of American Poets.

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Increase digital collection engagement and usage by marketing to the older adults in your community

April 9, 2018 - 7:37am

By: Courtney Sveda, OverDrive Training Specialist

Your library’s digital collection is filled with titles of interest for all types of readers, which makes it an excellent resource for your patrons. However, when it comes to gaining patron interest, having the right titles is only part of the answer. The other necessary component? A tailored marketing approach. Earlier this year, we focused on how to market to the kids and teens in your community. Now, we’re turning our attention to your older adult audience.

Join our marketing and training experts on Wednesday, April 18 at 2 PM for a brand new live webcast on how to reach this unique segment of library patrons. This session will cover best practices for engaging the 50+ audience, including proper marketing terminology, outreach strategies, and ideas on how to reach new patrons in this target demographic.

We’ll also highlight the built-in features that increase the accessibility of your digital library, and provide recommended titles to highlight when promoting your OverDrive service to older adult patrons.

Register today for Marketing Your Digital Library to Older Adults on the Resource Center>Staff Training. You may also want to check out the American Library Association’s website to learn more about library services for older adults. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Libraries Leading the Way During National Library Week

April 8, 2018 - 8:06am

By: Jill Grunenwald, Marketing and Communications Specialist

April 8th marks the start of National Library Week! Now in its 60th year, National Library Week celebrates the impact that libraries and library employees have in their communities. All kinds of libraries participate, including school, public, academic, and special libraries.

Obviously here at OverDrive, we love libraries! We have several librarians on staff (myself included!) and love being a part of the this incredible community of innovative ideas, knowledge, passion, and, of course, books. That said, while libraries do nurture a love of reading, they do so much more than just provide books to read. Your local library probably has all kinds of events and services you may not be aware of, which is why National Library Week is so important because it helps get the word out.

Here is a schedule of events for National Library Week:

Monday, April 9th: State of America’s Libraries Report will be released. This report will include the Top Ten Frequently Challenged Books of 2017, a list I always look forward to seeing.

Tuesday, April 10th: National Library Workers Day. Where would our libraries be without the staff, administrators, and Friends groups who keep our libraries up and running every day?

Wednesday, April 11th: National Bookmobile Day! Did you know OverDrive has our own Digital Bookmobile? Find out if the DBM is coming to a city near you.

Thursday, April 12th: Take Action for Libraries Day. Whether it’s donating time, money, or resources, libraries need your help!

Visit www.ilovelibraries.org to find out how you can get involved and help your local library!

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OverDrive Magazines are coming this summer to your digital collection

April 5, 2018 - 10:35am

At PLA we shared news with attendees that got librarians and readers alike very excited. This summer, magazines will be available for your OverDrive service. OverDrive Magazines will be integrated in your OverDrive website and Libby. They will be available in the OverDrive Read format which means they can be enjoyed both in Libby and online on any internet capable device. No additional software, apps, or account signups are required.

OverDrive’s magazine service features no circulation cap, simultaneous use for titles, and premium content, all conveniently integrated into the same platform users come to for their eBook and audiobooks. OverDrive Magazines include a collection of 50 popular Simultaneous Use titles, including: OK! magazine, HGTV Magazine, O, The Oprah Magazine, ESPN, The Atlantic, New York Magazine, Newsweek, Reader’s Digest and many other popular publications. This content is available worldwide (where sales rights exist) and we’ll continue to add new publications in the coming months.

These magazines come with no hidden costs, no budget to monitor, and instant integration to your eBook and audiobok collection that only OverDrive can provide. These always available titles are a perfect way to improve the value to your readers as well as significantly increase your circulation. A user may only borrow one eBook a week but they can enjoy several magazines in a single sitting, each one counting as a checkout for your library.

We anticipate a launch date around ALA Annual this June. Contact your OverDrive Account Manager today for pricing information, a demo, and a full list of titles available at launch.


*Initial launch of magazines will be for public library partners only. 

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We’re stoked to read about goats

April 2, 2018 - 8:25am


We’re jumping for joy because the latest Big Library Read is now live! For the next two weeks readers at our nearly 20,000 participating libraries can borrow Flat Broke with Two Goats without wait lists or holdsJennifer McGaha’s wonderful memoir about her and her husband’s life in a 100-year-old cabin will make you laugh, cry and, perhaps, want to meet some baby goats.

Throughout the program, readers can join our discussion board to share their thoughts on the book, swap recipes and see what people all around the world think of this great story. They also have the ability to win a Kobo Aura ONE from OverDrive simply using the hashtag #BigLibraryRead on social media. Click the image below for the official rules.


Hear author Jennifer McGaha on the Professional Book Nerds podcast

In preparation for the Big Library Read event, Jennifer McGaha joined our Professional Book Nerds to chat about her life on the homestead, adjusting to living without amenities she’d grown accustomed to in her day to day activities, why she decided on raising goats and much more. If you’re looking for some great insight on how this book came to be. Be sure to check it out!

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A dozen bad jokes and dad jokes for April Fool’s Day

March 31, 2018 - 4:30am
1. What time did the man go to the dentist? Toothhurt-y. 2. Did you hear about the guy who invented Lifesavers? They say he made a mint. 3. Whenever the cashier at the grocery store asks my dad if he would like the milk in a bag he replies, ‘No, just leave it in the carton! 4. Why do chicken coops only have two doors? Because if they had four, they would be chicken sedans! 5. Don’t trust atoms. They make up everything! 6. Why did the Clydesdale give the pony a glass of water? 
Because he was a little horse!


7. I used to have a job at a calendar factory but I got the sack because I took a couple of days off. 8. I had a dream that I was a muffler last night. I woke up exhausted! 9. A three-legged dog walks into a bar and says to the bartender, ‘I’m looking for the man who shot my paw. 10. What’s Forrest Gump’s password? 1forrest1 11. Did you know the first French fries weren’t actually cooked in France? They were cooked in Greece. 12. Want to hear a joke about a piece of paper? Never mind… it’s tearable.


Need it to end? Or need more? Check out our kid friendly joke books.

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Special webcast: SYNC Audiobooks for Teens – 2018 summer reading program

March 27, 2018 - 7:48am

By: Shannon Hunt, Training Manager

The OverDrive Training team is happy to partner with AudioFile magazine once again to bring you all the news and information you need to know about SYNC Audiobooks for Teens 2018, which returns this year on April 26th. SYNC is a free summer reading program that gives away two complete audiobook downloads a week, with a focus on pairs of high interest titles, based on weekly themes. It’s the perfect program to encourage teens to participate in so they don’t end up wandering into that most dreaded of all places to be while they’re on vacation – the Summer Slide…

Join us on Wednesday, April 4th to learn more about the program, including how and why titles are chosen and paired together, how it works in conjunction with the OverDrive app, why audiobooks play an important part in teen readings habits, and what you can do to promote SYNC at your school or library. The webcasts will be co-hosted by audiobook experts, Michele Cobb, SYNC Program Manager, and Francisca Goldsmith, Sound Learning Librarian.

We’ll deliver two webcast sessions at 11:00AM and 2:00PM EDT, and registration for both is available at OverDrive’s Resource Center on the library and K-12 Live Webcasts tabs.

Questions about the SYNC program? Visit their website at https://www.audiobooksync.com/. Questions about the webcast? Contact the Training team at training@overdrive.com.

Happy listening!

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Nuevo in the Resource Center: new Spanish Materials and more!

March 22, 2018 - 2:16pm

We are excited to offer new Spanish Materials for your Spanish-speaking, Spanish-learning communities at OverDrive’s Resource Center. In the kit, you’ll find a new How-to Bookmark! This much-loved resource concisely details how to use your OverDrive service and can now be utilized by Spanish speaking students and parents! Speaking of parents, there’s also a Spanish Letter-to-Parents to ensure all members of your school community are aware of your OverDrive service! Additional Spanish resources include: a poster, half-sheets, and graphics.

Also trending: a very topical “Tough Topics for Teens” kit which includes graphics, print pieces, and recommended reading lists to let teens struggling through life’s many hardships know they aren’t alone.

A kit detailing how to run a successful social media campaign (appropriate for all tech levels) rounds out the rest of our trending materials. While you’re browsing what’s new, be sure to review OverDrive’s much loved recommended listssales & promotions, and upcoming webcasts!

Be on the lookout for new Teen Literature Bookmarks and shiny, new materials for Spring coming soon!

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New in the Resource Center: Kids’ Marketing Kit and more!

March 21, 2018 - 2:40pm

If you haven’t poked around in OverDrive’s Resource Center in a while, now’s the time! Inspired by the recent Marketing Digital Books to Kids & Teens webcast, we’ve assembled some materials to help your library market to your youngest, mostly untapped market!

In the kit you’ll find digital graphics for social media, resources for your Kids’ Reading Room, kid friendly Libby materials, bright and eye-catching print materials (including options for Dyslexic readers), training and collection tips for staff, and my personal favorite: templates for fun, temporary tattoos!

Also trending: a Chinese New Year Kit celebrating the holiday and highlighting your Chinese content. Celebrate the Year of the Dog with your readers.

A kit detailing how to run a successful social media campaign (appropriate for all tech levels) rounds out the rest of our trending materials. While you’re browsing what’s new, be sure to review OverDrive’s much loved recommended listssales & promotions, and upcoming webcasts!

Be on the lookout for a Teens’ Marketing Kit and shiny, new materials for Spring coming soon!

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How OverDrive’s Instant Digital Card feature is instantly bringing thousands of new patrons to libraries #PLA2018

March 21, 2018 - 6:01am

When librarians visit Team OverDrive this week in Booth #829 at the Public Library Association Conference in Philadelphia, they’ll see two words above our logo:

Always. Innovating.

Years of development and innovation led to Libby, our one-tap library app that provides reading happiness by connecting users to the books they want. We constantly work with publishers to provide innovative lending models, enabling libraries to engage with their community in new and exciting ways. This innovation has led to the creation of eReading Rooms for all segments of your service area, audiobooks that stream through Libby and over 1 billion digital library checkouts.

Now, we’re putting that innovation to work in an effort to eliminate the singular problem that prevents readers from using your digital collections: Nearly half the country doesn’t have a library card. Enter OverDrive’s Instant Digital Card.

By adding our Instant Digital Card (IDC) feature to your library’s OverDrive services, you can join the group of libraries creating new library users in less than 30 seconds through Libby and their OverDrive-powered website. Since launching IDC late last year, we’ve seen over 20,000 new library cards created through the feature. Sacramento Public Library added 1,200 new users in less than two months.

How IDC works
When Libby users open the app for the first time, they’re asked if they have a library card. If they don’t, they simply input their cell phone number. If the number matches an address in your service area, they’re provided a digital library card and can instantly start borrowing content from your digital collection.

If you’re attending PLA and would like to see how this revolutionary innovation works, stop by our booth any time during the conference. Whether you’re attending or not, you can contact your OverDrive rep to add IDC to your service today.

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Readers have borrowed more than 1 billion digital books through OverDrive #PLA2018

March 20, 2018 - 5:59am

One billion. It’s a defining number that’s hard to fathom yet understood as a massive milestone. There are very few things that can use the number 1 billion to describe what they represent. Recently, digital library checkouts through OverDrive became one of them. On February 10, Team OverDrive watched as our all-time checkouts surpassed 1 billion, officially joining the three comma club.

We’re proud of this accomplishment, but it’s not something we ever could’ve reached on our own. The librarians and staff at the 40,000 library and school partners we work with around the world deserve all the credit for spreading the word and evangelizing the joys of digital reading. Because of their tireless work, this isn’t the end of a journey, but rather the first step toward billions more moments of reading happiness. At PLA this week, we’ll be celebrating our Billion Book Bash with hundreds of our closest librarian friends. If you’ll be in Philadelphia for the conference, we hope you’ll join us.

There are untold numbers of interactions that happen every day, but when you’re reading a book, it’s just you and that story. Time stops. The world around you freezes. You could be sailing the high seas, in a distant galaxy or in the living room of a small farmhouse. Regardless of the book you’ve picked up, in that singular moment it’s just you, those words and nothing else.

So many things had to happen for a reader to be connected with the right book. There are infinite possibilities and sidetracks that could prevent someone from sitting down and reading, but they found a way to make that moment happen. When this interaction between reader and story happens on a device, it’s our job to make sure that happiness feels like magic. The fact that someone can learn about a book while scrolling through social media and then borrow it instantly from their library all without ever leaving the couch is designed to provide a sense of wonder in their minds.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of librarians continuously promoting literacy and reading, we’re able to keep innovating, creating apps and services designed not just for the next billion checkouts, but for the many billions to come. By partnering every day with these champions of literacy, we’re working to create a world enlightened by reading. One billion is great, but we’re only just getting started.

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