WPLC User / Non-User Research Program Data Analysis Webinar

Join Morrill Solutions Research for the final webinar in the WPLC User / Non-User Research Program on Tuesday, September 26th at 1:00 pm. This free webinar is open to all WPLC libraries and will be recorded and shared if you are unable to attend at that time.

You have collected data…now what??  In this webinar, we will explore basics of analyzing data. Analysis moves you from having data to having information. You will learn some basic principles for approaching all different types of data, pointers on visualization of data, as well as some basic statistical concepts.  Don’t worry – even people who are math-phobic are welcome.   This module is designed to get you started analyzing data you might have, and being able to create a basic, informative report for yourself or for a stakeholder group.

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