SimplyE Newsletter: What's new with SimplyE

For those of you following the Library Simplified project and the SimplyE App development efforts, Library Simplified has just shared this in their newsletter.

SimplyE 2.0 Now Available!
We have a new look and more!  SimplyE now supports multiple libraries in one app as well as a collection of free for anyone to read books which require not library card to borrow.   We started with the the classics but will be growing the collection over time to include more contemporary works, short stories and samples from popular artist. We invite you to download the app today on iOS or Android and read free ebooks from the library.

SimplyE is an open reading platform built by libraries for libraries in order to simplify the user experience getting ebooks from libraries. With SimplyE 2.0, we can offer multiple library collections in one app regardless of which service provider supplies your library collection . Contact your state librarian or consortia to find out how you too can get your library ebook services into SimplyE.


Visit the Reader's First blog to read more about SimplyE developments: