Digital Library Website Changes 4/9/14

By Bruce Smith, April 7, 2014 1:37 pm

OverDrive will be making a couple of changes to the digital library website on Wednesday, April 9th.

First, the Help page will be refreshed to correspond with the new OverDrive Help ( This includes an update to the branding, removal of the ‘Discover the Next Generation Experience’ page, and the ‘Device Resource Center’ link.  It’s easy to find information about devices on the page.  Simply select Devices from the top row of options.  From there, pick a device or platform from the menu to access its profile. Each profile lists recommended software and/or apps, compatible formats, and links to articles and videos containing step-by-step instructions to help someone get started

The other main change is the ‘Featured Collections’ menu in the navigation bar will move from the right-hand column position to the first left-hand column position in order to better highlight the Featured Collections list. This change is based on partner feedback and usability data – users read the top left section of a page first the most frequently and consistently.


OverDrive eReading Room for Kids and Teens

By Bruce Smith, February 11, 2014 10:50 am

We are happy to announce a new interface for the Wisconsin Digital Library that will provide kids with a destination where they can search for juvenile and young adult titles on their own website.   The main digital library has titles, mostly in erotic and romance literature, that can have occasional cover art containing designs that are more adult themed.  We know that this is a frustration to some patrons, often parents with younger children.

OverDrive has developed this new site just for kids that complements the main digital library site.  Starting  next Monday, Feb. 17th, there is a new location that you can direct kids and parents to if they are wanting to just search juvenile and young adult.  The eReading Room for Kids and Teens is a link you can save as the default digital library location on computers in your children’s area.  If you have a parent that would like their child to just be able to search juvenile and young adult titles, you can suggest they bookmark the new site on their child’s computer or device.

As you will see when you visit the new kids’ site, there is a link on the top of the main page to go to the main Wisconsin Digital Library site.  There will be an infographic link on the main digital library site to take visitors to the kids’ site if they click on it.  This site URL will cache in your browser.  Juvenile and young adult titles will be available on both sites.



Adobe DRM Change Update

By Bruce Smith, February 5, 2014 1:53 pm

Some of you may have heard that Adobe announced they would be requiring adoption of a new EPUB DRM in July, which would have had a major impact on existing users.  They have since backed off this position.  You can read more about this position change here.  This means at this time there is no cause for concern of an impending deadline for this change.  However, we will continue to find our more about this and keep everyone posted.

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