Open Content Platform Committee

Committee was decommissioned on April 21, 2016. See Steering Committee Meeting Minutes for more information.


Mission: To investigate open content projects as a possible addition to the WPLC statewide shared collection. A platform would allow the WPLC to expand its offerings to local content, regional authors and niche publishers not distributed OverDrive. The open content platform would also allow ownership of materials rather than leasing materials.

  1. This group will discuss possible open content models for digital content. They will deliver a report of the options available to the WPLC for creating and implementing an open content platform. They will contact existing projects and inquire about the following:
    1. Possibility of collaboration
    2. Interface
    3. Platform
    4. Host Library
    5. Multitype use
  2. Meetings: There will be a minimum of three meetings:
    1. 1st Meeting: A preliminary meeting of committee members to review existing open content models and expand list if possible. Begin work on a list of criteria needed for a workable model for WPLC. Use criteria created by Vendor Selection Committee as model. ( April 2013)
    2. 2nd Meeting: Finalize criteria and apply to existing open content models. Discussion of open content models with goal being to find an ideal model to implement. A report of this discussion is one of the deliverables of the group. (May 2013)
    3. 3rd Meeting: Create outline of presentation, implementation, cost, and features for presentation to WPLC Board Meeting following ALA 2013
  3. The committee will make a recommendation to the WPLC Board as to the ideal open content model.


  • Steve Heser, MCFLS
  • Tasha Saecker, Appleton Public Library
  • Andy Barnett, McMillan Public Library
  • John Klima, Waukesha Public Library
  • Sara Gold, WiLS, Facilitator

Reports/Meeting Minutes

Open Content Platform Committee April 16 Meeting Minutes