WPLC Board


All official business of the WPLC is conducted by the WPLC Board. The WPLC Board meets no less than quarterly.  The Board consists of one voting representative from each of the WPLC Partners.  Please address concerns to your representative.

2023 WPLC Board Members

  • Bridges: Mellanie Mercier
  • IFLS: Katelyn Noack, Liaison to Technology Backup Steering Committee
  • Kenosha: Rob Nunez
  • Manitowoc-Calumet: Rebecca Scherer, Vice Chair
  • Milwaukee: Steve Heser, Chair
  • Monarch: Riti Grover
  • Nicolet: Tracy Vreeke
  • Northern Waters: Gina Rae
  • OWLS: Bradley Shipps
  • Prairie Lakes/Arrowhead Legacy: Steven Platter
  • Prairie Lakes/Lakeshores Legacy: Steve Ohs
  • South Central: Jean Anderson, Liaison to Digital Archives Backup Steering Committee
  • Southwest: David Kranz
  • Winding Rivers: Kristen Anderson
  • Winnefox: Clairellyn Sommersmith
  • Wisconsin Valley: Rachel Metzler, Liaison to Digital Library Steering Committee

Current Meeting Documents

  • Next Meeting: TBD

Previous Meeting Documents

WPLC Past Board Meeting Notes

WPLC Past Board Agendas and Documents