Collection Development Committee


To evaluate the composition of the collection purchased by the digital buying pool with particular attention on known concerns and potential additions to the collection.

Specifically, the workgroup will:

  • Solicit feedback from the community regarding collection areas.
  • Create recommendation of allocation of the buying pool to go to the Steering Committee.
  • Develop an updated selection policy.
  • Document process for consideration of new collection areas/formats and creation of a recommendation for buying pool allocation.

Current Members

  • Evan Bend, OWLS
  • Lori Belongia, Marshfield Public Library
  • Chris Hamburg, Lester Public Library
  • Deen Layland, La Crosse County Library
  • Mellanie Mercier, BLS
  • Jacki Potratz, Milwaukee Public Library
  • Amy Stormberg, Amery Public Library
  • Maureen Welch, IFLS
  • Karina Zidon, Platteville Public Library

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