Wisconsin Public Library Email List

Purpose of the Wisconsin Public Library email list: To provide a forum for public library staff, board, and Friends to exchange information.

Messages can be sent to: wispublib@lists.wplclists.info

Subscribing and Unsubscribing

Protocol for Sending Messages

  • When you're asking a question, encourage replies to you, not the list
    • Let's try to keep the volume of lengthy back-and-forth conversations to a minimum.  If you'd like to share what you learned, summarize for the whole list, but don't make them read or delete the 36 exchanges you may have.
  • Include direct, clear subject lines that reflect the conversation
    • Make it easy for people to know if they want to read your message.  If the topic of conversation changes, the subject line should change, too.
  • Be thoughtful about your message length
    • Please try to keep your messages short and clear. Longer messages are less likely to be read.
  • Include a signature block
    • You know who you are, but others may not.  Please include your name, library name, and contact information at the bottom of each list.
  • Complaining is not the purpose of the list
    • We want this to be a positive, comfortable place for everyone.  If you have complaints, please keep them off the list.
  • This is not a venue for commercial sales
    • We are happy to hear from our vendor partners regarding webinars and other free offerings, but please, no pitches for new products or sale announcements.  Individual libraries are welcome to sell or give away library supplies of potential use to others.
  • Be respectful
    • Enough said.

Archive of Messages

To view message Archives go to http://lists.wplclists.info/private.cgi/wispublib-wplclists.info/


Questions about the Wisconsin Public Library Email List may be directed to wplc-info@wils.org.