Libby Information

Since August of 2017,  Libby has been Wisconsin's Digital Library preferred app for new users.   As of 2020, there is no definitive timeline for when the OverDrive app will be discontinued and developments about Libby will be shared to the WPLC blog and to the WPLC Announcements List.

Libby is currently available for download in the app stores for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices.  It is currently not available for Kindle tablets through the Amazon app store but will be in the future. In order to prepare our frontline OverDrive support team of librarians across the state, we have also put together some resources to help you support the app. 

About Libby:

This website provides an overview of the app and some videos to help patrons get started.

Help Using Libby  

This website includes instructions for Getting started, Searching, Borrowing, Streaming and downloading, Returning, Kindle Books, Holds, Library cards, Tags, Activity, Other tips, and Troubleshooting.  For trickier issues, OverDrive is also available for frontline help through Marketplace or through this form:

OverDrive Training

This recorded webinar from OverDrive aims to help you learn how to get your first-time users started with Libby.

This webinar, recorded on July 17th, 2017, was provided specifically for the WPLC.  Here are the questions, with answers from OverDrive, that attendees asked.

Libby FAQs:

This document aims to help answer some common, and not-so-common, questions about Libby that patrons may have. 

Libby Marketing Materials:

On this page from OverDrive, you'll find a poster, flyer, bookmark, web graphics, Facebook ads, and a printable Getting Started Guide for Libby.

Please contact for more information or with any questions.