DPLA launches Open Bookshelf, a Collection of Free Ebooks

In June, the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) launched Open Bookshelf, a collection of ebooks free to download and handpicked by librarians across the US. The collection currently has more than 1,000 books, with new titles added daily. Open Bookshelf is designed both for libraries and for readers: it is currently available to libraries through the DPLA Exchange and to readers via the SimplyE mobile app.

Open Bookshelf contains an diverse collection of titles spanning a myriad of genres. Readers will find classics, Creative-Commons licensed works, freely available textbooks and academic titles, and a multicultural children’s collection.

Open Bookshelf is available three ways:

  • Member libraries will find Open Bookshelf in the DPLA Exchange alongside licensed content.
  • All readers can browse the collection in the Digital Library of America via SimplyE. All books are free to download, and yours to keep.
  1. Download the SimplyE app (iOS and Android)
  2. Select “Find Your Library”
  3. Scroll down to “Digital Library of America”
  4. Find your next read!
  • Users can plug the Open Bookshelf OPDS feed into a reader. For more information, contact ebooks@dp.la

For updates on DPLA Ebooks projects, sign up for ebook announcements on the DPLA Ebooks news list or email ebooks@dp.la