National Novel Writing Month, Pressbooks, and the Wisconsin Author Contest

National Novel Writing Month is coming up quickly and this year, the WPLC can support your local writers with new IMLS-funded BiblioBoard services!

First, Pressbooks is online software that allows users to create professional-quality print-ready and ebook files. With the Pressbooks tool, libraries and their patrons can create and design their own books, newsletters, poetry, novels, and more in digital and printable formats.

Then, after your patrons have finished November, novel fresh in hand, they can spend the chilly winter revising and editing in order to submit it to the next Wisconsin Author Project in April 2019! The contest aims to help authors expose their work, through their local library, to a broader audience via both the contest and SELF-e participation and contest participants also have the opportunity to win a little money and acclaim for their work.

Questions about Pressbooks or the Wisconsin Author Project? Contact