WPLC User / Non-User Research Project Proposal Selection Criteria

The criteria below will be used by the WPLC User / Non-User Survey Workgroup to decide which proposals for research projects will be funded.  Up to five proposals will be selected.

  1. Preparation: Have you attended or viewed all four webinars?
  2. Generalizability: Research projects should be repeatable in other communities. Research questions should not be specific to one library, one community, or one library system. Research projects that have both generalizable research questions and generalizable results will be given priority.
  3. Need: Research projects should establish that answers to the research questions proposed are needed in order to improve or effectively expand library service.
  4. Effort: The amount of time and resources needed to implement a research project should be reasonable.
  5. Partnerships: Research projects that build upon or establish partnerships with other libraries, other library systems, or other organizations will be given priority. If you are looking for potential partners, use the bulletin board.

Before submitting a proposal, be sure you have read the Proposal Guidelines and Program Dates.

Please use this form to submit your proposal.