Statistics Workgroup


The Statistics Workgroup will develop ways to help WPLC members gain an understanding of the statistics available to them through OverDrive and to help simplify the process of presenting that data. 

The workgroup will:

  • Identify the OverDrive use and collection statistics needed at the state, system and local library level.
  • Identify ways to best share and use statistics.
  • Recommend the creation of templates for infographics, charts, and other ways to feature data.

Process & Timeline

What Deadline to Complete
Meeting to review identified OverDrive use and collection statistics, modifying and adding as necessary to meet the need at state, system and local level. Workgroup will also identify best ways to share and utilize statistics. July 30
Workgroup will review and meet to discuss various types of infographics, charts, etc. and will identify those to be used for WPLC statistical templates. Workgroup will create report of identified statistics and templates for Steering Committee to review at their September 22 meeting. September 9
Meet to refine needed statistics and outputs and identify individuals to create templates and instructions for running statistics and using templates. November 30
Work with identified individuals to review and test templates. February 1
Make necessary changes and go live with templates. March 1

Current Members

  • Amanda Burns, Algoma Public Library
  • Inese Christman, Wisconsin Valley Library Service
  • Heidi Cox, McFarland Public Library
  • Joe Davies, Burlington Public Library
  • Mellanie Mercier, Bridges Library System
  • Susan Queiser, Barron Public Library
  • Aaron Raschke, Westfield Public Library
  • Michael Sheehan, Northern Waters Library Service

Meeting Documents

Draft Outcomes: Report Instructions and Infographics