OverDrive Support Course Week 3: Common Questions

This collection of Frequently Asked Questions is designed to help you answer common support questions from patrons using Wisconsin’s Digital Library on OverDrive. Most questions are followed by a bit of information, some “facts to know” to diagnose the problem, and a link to OverDrive Help to send to patrons as appropriate.

If any problem persists despite your efforts to resolve it, contact OverDrive support directly by logging into Marketplace, selecting Support, and clicking the Technical Support button.

Download the OverDrive Support Common Questions and Answers for Week 3 of the OverDrive Support Course.


  1. Complete the quiz for the week. The link was sent to you in an email.

  2. Just like last week, you'll receive an email mock support request from your instructor acting as a patron on Tuesday or Wednesday. This will be an opportunity to practice your support skills and while you know it's your instructor on the other end, please do your best to respond as if he or shere were a patron. This includes not only helping with the question but also using what you've learned about email etiquette.