WPLC User / Non-User Research Program Materials

The 2017 WPLC User / Non-User Research Program funded two projects: one from Monona Public Library and the other from Portage County Public Library. Below, you'll find the project's original proposal along with resulting instruments, research, and data gathered as it becomes available. You'll also find contact information for the project owner shoudl you have any questions or you can contact the project manager, Andrea Coffin, at acoffin@wils.org.

Monona Public Library


Survey Responses: Users  |  Non-Users

Contact: Matt Heindel (matt@mononalibrary.org)

Portage County Public Library


Background Research

Floor Maps: La Crosse PL First Floor  |  La Crosse PL Second Floor  |  Portage County PL

Sweep Entry Forms: La Crosse  |  Portage County

Sweep Data (using Tableau)

Sweep Tallies: La Crosse  |  Portage County

Visits Data

Comparison Stats

Contact: Larry Oathout (loathout@pocolibrary.org)